Danielle "Nea"/"Navi" here
My best friend calls me Bam-Bam
March 25 [Aries]. Full time tiny sarcastic asshole/adorkable idiot/friend with a vibrantly dirty sense of humor. 4ft 11in Babydoll of attitude. INFP.
Eric Cartman is my spirit animal
Twisty the Clown is my twin brother

You bark bitch, I will fucking bark and bite. I am straight forward and blunt. As my dad has put it: "She'll tell you what's what and where to go at the same time"

Life is hard enough with labels so with love, I'm gonna leave it out of the equation. Love is love. I love people for who they are, not what they are. If a label has to be placed on it, I would be Pansexual.
First Lady Productions
♡LOUD² Studios🐾iShotBarney Studios
Writer/Vidder/Banner&GIF creator
I run Major Crimes Rewind
PIC: Diesel [Creator of Cheshire's Chaos Studios]
Shows: Major Crimes, PLL, Scandal, L&O: SVU, The Closer, South Park, How To Get Away With Murder

Sharon Raydor, Olivia Benson, Porcelain Black, Kyra Sedgwick, Danielle Harris, and Shay Mitchell are my wifeys♡
I'd proudly smoke a blunt with Mary McDonnell.
Ships: Sharenda [2009; OTP: "Love is Tricky"], Shamar [2013; OTP: "With Broken Wings"] , Dasha [2014; OTP: "The Girl in the Picture"] Livily [2007], MariMary [2009]
And some Morales love too.

And some Morales love too.

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