☯Danielle "Navi" here☯
My best friend calls me Bam-Bam
March 25 [Aries]. Full time tiny sarcastic asshole/adorkable idiot/friend with a vibrantly dirty sense of humor. 4ft 11in of "I'll whoop yo ass" and attitude.

You bark bitch, I will fucking bark and bite. I am straight forward and blunt. As my dad has put it: "She'll tell you what's what and where to go at the same time"

First Lady Productions
♡LOUD² Studios🐾iShotBarney Studios
Writer/Vidder/Banner&GIF creator
I run Major Crimes Rewind
PIC: Diesel [Creator of Cheshire's Chaos Studios]
Shows: Major Crimes, PLL, Scandal, L&O: SVU, OITNB

Sharon Raydor, Olivia Benson, Porcelain Black, Kyra Sedgwick, Danielle Harris, and Shay Mitchell are my wifeys♡
I'd proudly smoke a blunt with Mary McDonnell.
Ships: Sharenda [2009], Shamar [2013] , Livily [2007], MariMary [2009]
Sykes.. she’s still such a bad ass.

Sykes.. she’s still such a bad ass.

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